What To Know About Costs Of Future Care?

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision, there is a whole selection of damages you could potentially be entitled to. These damages are all split into certain categories which are commonly referred to as heads of damages. Among these heads of damages are several you may have heard of before, i.e. pain and suffering which, in courts, is better known as non-pecuniary damages. A lesser known, but very important, head of damage goes by the name of “costs of future care”. This will be the one we will go into more detail to today.
Extent Of Future Costs Of Care
When people think of the highest damages in an accident, they may think of property damage, or maybe medical expenses. However, when it comes to serious car accidents where people sustained severe injuries, the biggest head of damage is usually the future costs of care. Severe injuries in this case generally refers to catastrophic injuries, such as severe brain injuries, or lost limbs. Future costs of care extend to not just treatments and medication, but also aids, housekeeping, child care, required home modifications, and any other expenses that result from the victim’s condition and are necessary to either improve their condition, or to stop the condition from worsening.
How to Prove the Necessity for Future Costs of Care?
First, you will need to hire ICBC Lawyers in Personal Injury Lawyer Etobicoke with experience in this field, and with a good track record when it comes to cases like this. This lawyer will then help you to put together an expert team who will be capable of putting together a list of all the items, treatments, and services you will need throughout the rest of your lives. This list will not just serve to include the basic necessities to keep you alive, but also requirements to improve your condition as much as possible.

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Included in this team of experts will be not just doctors, but also economists and rehabilitation specialists. This is so that all your needs will be accounted for, and so that the estimated total will be as accurate as possible. This will help you get the fair amount of compensation that will help you tide over these difficult times.
What To Expect From The Courts?
According to the courts, your future costs of care can only include items which are “medically justified”, though it should be noted that the list of acceptable items is very broad. It includes everything from medication and multiple forms of therapy, over counseling and nursing care, all the way to home keeping and gardening services. In extreme cases, twenty-four-hour medical assistance will also be covered.