Will Personal Injury Lawyer In Stoney Creek Discuss Compensation In Bicycle Accident Claims?

Apart from the customary damages and accident benefits in bicycle mishaps, you may also get current and future medical expenses. The law also entitles you to get home health attendant care and custodial care. You can obtain present income loss, loss of wages in the future, and compensate your lack of earning capacity. The damages also include physical and emotional distress and suffering. It leads to a below par quality of life. In this state, you can find two types of cyclists on the roads and bike trails. Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer in Brockville to explain the types in details.

Backdrop of the accidents

The first type of bicyclists involves people who do it as a form of exercise. The second type includes those cyclists, who are doing it because an automobile is not within their financial reach. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Stoney Creek has the experience to handle both the types. Regardless of the cyclist type, you need to bear in mind that you have the same entitlements and rights as a motorist. Cyclists have equal rights to use the lanes and road. More often, they suffer injuries when motorists intentionally or unintentionally violate your rights and refuse to give you space.

Know the causes

Negligent drivers cause many such bike mishaps by taking wrong turns on the left and hit the cyclist. They open a cab door without any warning or premonition, directly blocking the biker’s path and injuring the person. A Personal Injury Attorney in Stratford underlines these circumstances that commonly lead to cycling accidents. When motorist slams open the car door without telling others, it could have dangerous consequences. The cyclist or driver coming from behind doesn’t know that the door will suddenly be open. These collisions are deadly as they can throw the biker down on the road.

Know the impact

On some occasions, depending on the impact of the hit, it may even throw the cyclist to a distance, or in worst case scenarios, under a speeding vehicle. The cyclist may even collide with a moving vehicle. It’s not hard to imagine the catastrophe that can befall the bikers in these situations. Often, drivers change streets and lanes, running the cyclist or biker off the trail or road. Read-end collisions are too common in metros. Traffic congestion has a huge role to play in this regard. Even if a biker follows the rules and waits at a halt sign, an automobile may come from behind and hit the biker.

A summation

Cars and buses tend to flout traffic rules and display their horrible duty of care. A trained Personal Injury Attorney in Stratford can take these factors into account when designing your claim. You need to bear in mind that riding on the pavement or sidewalk is not a perpetually safe way. Cyclists need to share the road and follow the same direction like other motorists. When you follow the traffic’s direction, there are less chances of meeting with an accident.